1. prince harry1

I know I know your asking what is this guy up to with this picture of Prince Harry on my blog  so here is  the story

MY wonderful wife gets these magazines and of course in the quite of my bedroom I like to flick through them and so I lifted up Hello(12 oct 2015) which had a article  on Prince Harry and his return from war and how he views his disabled comrades , as I read this article a paragraph jumps out at me :

And I quote ” I love spending time with these guys he added ” I like to think I know roughly what they are going through as well . ITS HARD TO SAY THAT BECAUSE EVERYONE IS UNIQUE, BUT BECAUSE I KNOWN MORE PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO SEE, HOW VALUABLE THEY ARE WITHIN SOCIETY.

These comments immediate raised my eyebrows as I realised how much our returned soldiers and prisoners have contributed to our society and the improvements to our society and our areas  men who know the pain of war,death and prisons , who have guided our young people from war to political activism,

 Which bring’s me to the real question if Prince Harry can see the benefits of his comrades to his society what is the problem with our comrades  being recognised by our society not only recognised but appreciated by all people for their efforts in protecting the peace process, a process that really does improve the lives of all the people of Ireland north and south.

Bear in mind they where trained soldiers who had a command structure a structure that co-ordinates the efforts of these men and women from where because of their suffering they get comfort and comradeship and help when required ,

Surely if its good enough for Prince Harry its good enough for us !!!!!


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