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This Government continues to recognise Health as a key priority, and will provide €13.1 billion for the delivery of Health services in 2015.

In 2015, over 2.1 million people – nearly half the population – will have a medical or GP visit card. This includes our extension of GP coverage to the Under 6s and the Over 70s.

We will provide additional staff so that patients can access mental health services such as psychologists and counsellors in the primary care setting.

I am providing an additional €25 million to deal with delayed discharges in hospitals.

I am allocating over €3 billion to support older people and disabled services in 2015, and €2.3 billion for prescription drugs.

I want to pay particular tribute to our hospital services and the people working in them. This Government prioritises these key services. I would remind this house that the number of people working in hospitals has remained at 2011 levels of over 48,000, despite increased demands on services.

The additional funding being provided today will ensure the continued provision of core services, and to enable delivery of Programme for Government commitments to further enhance the health and well-being of our population.

Further details will be provided by my colleague, the Minister for Health.

I have copied the above from the 2015 budget speech by Brendan Howlin and I have highlighted the part where he congratulates the nursing and medical staff on the front line!!

In view of this statement I would like to share my recent experience in Mayo General Hospital Castlebar County Mayo home town of Enda Kenny

I was admitted to this hospital on Sunday the 28 November with severe pain in my back and groin which turned out to be a pretty serious illness which required intensive treatment which left me hospitalised until the 8th of December.

During this time I was able to witness at first hand the pressures which our nurses and medical doctors along with the other front line staff are working under and I can tell you it was not pretty.

I would say that at least 75% off all patients who i came across in the A&E  where of an age in excess of 60 yrs which includes myself and most suffering from serious medical problems , when asked about this i was informed that the number of people being treated in the A&E HAS INCREASED BY AT LEAST 40% IN THE PAST 5 YEARS , and this is in spite of the charges and costs being imposed on people who use this service and the non increase in staff numbers on the front line

What this government are doing and it was confirmed on morning Ireland this morning the 16/12/2015 is running to stand still they have no plan  for our health care other than to turn every hospital and service into a profit centre ie we will allow you X but please don’t spend it all and come in under budget don’t worry about the trolleys, the nurses, the doctors ,the porters and all the other people on the front line just keep to the budgets and if possible come in under it , I might also point out that its my opinion that the I N O (The nurses union)  support this government and their Haddington road agreement and have supported the under payment to new graduated nurses who then have no choice but to leave  work in other countries rather than be disrespected by the HSE and and  I N O

On a personal note I would like to thank all of the medical staff and the porters /domestic staff in the medical assessment unit in Mayo general hospital for their care and support in what is a very difficult time for me and my family 557432_4310303324203_1811816865_n


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