The great escape from the most secure jail in Britain or Ireland 1960 — Philip Kelly

It was 56 years ago on my 12th birthday 26th December 1960 at about 5 pm in the afternoon it was dark,wet and cold, like most days in the month of December . We as a family, as was the case with most families where all over the place, some where […]

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This was the mantra of Fianna Fail as they sold out the nation in the 1970’s and the 1980s STARTING WITH THE SELL OUT OF NORTHERN NATIONALIST ,AND LATER  OUR FISHING INDUSTRY TO THE E.E.C.                           73ffcountry                      In 1973 Jack Lynch signed our entry to the E.E.C but the price paid was for the people of the western seaboard was very, very high as their main means of earning a decent living was wiped out from under them and sold to the Spanish, Dutch, and French not to forget the British and to this day in 2016 the people of our fishing communities continue to pay the price







Summary of the Operational Programme for support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in Spain Programme description: Main objectives: The Operational Programme (OP) “Fisheries and Maritime 2014-2020” for support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) in Spain aims at achieving key national development priorities along with the “Europe 2020” objectives. The OP will support the implementation of the general reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in Spain. EU funding will support investment in the fisheries, aquaculture and processing industries to boost competitiveness and sustainability. Elements underpinning such a development include adjusting fleet capacity to available resources, reducing energy consumption, developing the production of higher added value products and ensuring environmental sustainability. In this context, particular attention will be paid to measures reducing the impact of fisheries on the marine environment and to protecting aquatic biodiversity and ecosystems through marine protected areas. Funding will also go to projects that improve the livelihood of fishing communities by increased support for Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), and to supporting Spanish public bodies in enforcing CFP rules and providing sound data for the management of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Funding priorities: The Spanish OP is organised around the following priorities: – € 352.5 million (30% of the total OP allocation) will support the adaptation of the Spanish fleet to an evolving environment in a combined effort to boost its competitiveness and reduce its impacts on the ecosystems. A third of this allocation will go to protecting aquatic biodiversity and ecosystems through marine protected areas and reducing the impact of fisheries on the marine environment. – € 205.9 million (18% of total EMFF allocation) will go to achieving the objectives of the Spanish national strategic plan for aquaculture (PEAE) that aims at boosting the competitiveness and sustainability of the Spanish aquaculture sector. Actions will aim at minimising the environmental impact of production processes (such as recirculation systems, closed-loop systems and offshore aquaculture); improving spatial planning by mapping sites suitable for aquaculture; and fostering technological innovation and investment capacity of aquaculture businesses. – € 155.9 million (13% of the allocation) will go towards compliance with CFP rules regarding control and data collection. It aims to improve scientific assessment of a number of stocks and reinforce various control and inspection schemes carried out by public bodies. – € 107.6 million (9% of total EMFF allocation) will help increase employment and territorial cohesion in fisheries-dependent areas by creating new jobs and diversifying activities, and creating added value in activities and local products through fisheries local action groups (FLAGs). – € 274.4 million (24% of total EMFF allocation) will go towards investing in developing new products, processes, conservation techniques, management systems and commercial strategies for fisheries and aquaculture products, through development of quality labels, better organisation of producer organisations, and a specific compensation scheme for the outermost region of the Canary Islands. A specific focus is the implementation of the discard ban throughout the value chain. – € 5.3 million (0.5% of total EMFF allocation) will support the appropriate mapping of marine ecosystems, a programme for the exploration of the continental shelf and slope (through surveys) and other measures contributing to increasing marine knowledge (sea bed data, mapping, bathymetric analyses). – € 59.8 million (5.5% of the financial resources) are allocated to technical assistance in order to ensure efficient administration of EU funding, including support to publicity and information measures as well as evaluations. Regions: The programme covers the whole territory of Spain, including the outermost region of the Canary Islands. Fund: Financial information: – Total OP budget: € 1 558 280 753 – Total EU contribution: € 1 161 620 889 – Total national contribution: € 396 659 864 Managing Authority: Dirección General de Ordenación Pesquera de la Secretaría General de Pesca Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambie


Summary of the Operational Programme for support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in Ireland Main objectives: The Operational Programme (OP) supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) in Ireland aims at achieving key national development priorities along with the EU’s “Europe 2020” objectives. The OP will support the general reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the development of its Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) in Ireland. The OP strategy is designed around the Irish national priorities in the agri-food sector: ‘Act Smart’ by encouraging knowledge and innovation, ‘Think Green’ through a responsible and sustainable use of resources, ‘Achieve Growth’ in order to maintain and create jobs. Funding aims at increasing the competitiveness of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors through innovation and skills, while promoting a more efficient and sustainable use of resources. Funding will also help local coastal communities to improve their livelihood by supporting small-scale fisheries and through significantly increased support for Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs). Due to its geographical position, Ireland has major responsibilities in enforcing the rules of the CFP, but also in providing sound data for the management of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The EMFF support will help Ireland to fulfil its obligations and better achieve these challenges. Funds will also be used to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies in the marketing and processing sectors, through investments to reduce energy costs; and to improve safety, product quality and traceability. Compared to the past, a greater focus is put on the sustainable use of resources, marine knowledge and preserving marine biodiversity, local-led development of fisheries and aquaculture areas, and shifting towards a low-carbon economy. Funding priorities: The Irish OP is organised around the following priorities: – Union Priority 1 (UP1): € 33.5 million (23% of the total EMFF allocation) aim at assuring the sustainable development of fishing activities, while protecting the marine environment. The OP will help Ireland to adjust fleet capacity to available resources and support the Irish fishing fleet in tackling the obligation to land all catches, also through investments in port infrastructures. – Union Priority 2 (UP2): € 14.9 million (10% of the EMFF allocation) will support the Irish National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture that aims at boosting the competitiveness of the aquaculture sector. Support will go towards three main areas: sustainable aquaculture production; knowledge, innovation and new technology; and more effective governance of marine planning. – Union Priority 3 (UP3): € 69.8 million (47% of the EMFF allocation) will go towards compliance with CFP rules regarding control and data collection. Funding will be used to further develop risk-based inspection of fishing activities and enhance cooperation with other Member States to ensure effective fisheries control and inspection in Ireland and at EU level. EMFF funding will also ensure a more efficient data collection and management, by improving scientific assessment of stocks and the knowledge on the state of the marine environment at sea. – Union Priority 4 (UP4): € 6 million (4% of the EMFF allocation) will support local development initiatives – a substantial, eleven-fold increase compared to the 2007-2013 funding period. EMFF funds will create and maintain jobs in fisheries and aquaculture areas and strengthen the role of the small-scale fisheries sector in the development of local communities. – Union Priority 5 (UP5): € 17.3 million (12% of the EMFF allocation) will go towards creating scale in the Irish marketing and processing sectors, starting from the base of very small-scale businesses. Funds will also go to developing new products from underutilised/noncommercial species. – Union Priority 6 (UP6): € 5.3 million (3.5% of the EMFF allocation) will be used on measures to improve the knowledge on the state of the marine environment and the level of protection of marine areas, through collection and harmonisation of marine data and development of marine spatial planning capacities. – € 0.8 million (0.5% of the EMFF allocation) are allocated to technical assistance in order to reinforce implementation and ensure efficient administration of the EU funding. Financial information: – Total OP budget: € 239 265 133 – Total EU contribution: € 147 601 979 – Total national contribution: € 91 663 154 Managing Authority: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine – Marine Agencies & Programmes Division National Seafood Centre, Clogheen, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland Website:


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The great escape from the most secure jail in Britain or Ireland 1960



My brother John Kelly
The main forecourt Crumlin Road Jail
This is the front yard of A wing the the 4th window from the right in the middle row was Johns cell from where he made the escape attempt
The long hall where we had our visits in a room on the right hand side



It was 56 years ago on my 12th birthday 26th December 1960

at about 5 pm in the afternoon it was dark,wet and cold,

like most days in the month of December .

We as a family, as was the case with most families where  all over the place, some where at the races in Leopardstown race course  outside Dublin,  others where out with friends as happens on St Stephens day, so the only people at home that afternoon was my mother  Margaret and my father John as well as my sister Rita and myself  it was  a birthday celebration I have never forgotten.

As I am the youngest of the family Rita had me spoiled and we had a unspoken but a special bond which was carried through our lives .

On this occasion Rita had bought me a special birthday / Christmas present  which she presented to me on this day it was a real lambs wool red jumper which I wore with pride as we shared songs while she played the piano and  I sang rebel songs out of a song book that was in the house as well as  teaching me Tom Williams who was executed in Belfast jail in 1942 and Sean South of Garryown  who was killed on the Brookbourgh  barracks   raid by the IRA on the local RUC station along with Fergal O’Hanlon  in 1956, these where songs that I continued to sing on a regular basis in school or at any chance I got !!!

It was during this lesson that I heard a knock on the front door and as we had a inner glass door and a small hall leading to a bigger hall off which was the parlour and the kitchen / living room and scullery and at the end off the hall was the stairs  I was the first to answer the knock , as I opened up the door I was met by this guy who was only half dressed and certainly not dressed for the weather of that night he only wore a grandfather shirt a pair of grey trousers  and a pair of gutties now referred to as slippers.

The first thing he asked me was my father at home and the first thing I thought was that he was some kind of  beggar  so I told him to wait until I got him, but as soon as my father saw him he knew he was an escaped prisoner from the jail and all hell broke loose but in a positive way as if he was expected,!! as my father asked was anyone else with him , he then proceeded  to say that my brother John was with him but he thought he fell back into the prison yard he confirmed that he was Danny Donnelly from Omagh, as this discussion was going on Rita was up stairs getting warm closes and shoes ready in preparation that he would be moved to a safe house, while it was decided what to do next about John.

As my mother and Rita were getting Danny ready to move to the safe house my father and I went up the Crumlin Road in search of my brother John in case he was hurt and lying somewhere  we spent a good hour looking , little did we know that John had indeed fallen back into the prison yard  and had broken his wrist and sprained his ankle , he lay there for at least an hour before the jail sirens went off which gave us time to ensure that Danny Donnelly  was safe and before as John knew it would be, our house would be raided by the RUC and the  B ‘Specials that extra time was vital to the success of the escape and even though we knew John did not make it we still had to make sure that Danny Donnelly did make it.

After my father and I returned to our home Danny was gone and the only people who knew to where,was  Rita and my mother

As I was very young and in fear that the RUC and the B’Specials would inflict violence  it was suggested that I be moved to my sisters house on the Antrim Road  where I would be safe, So off I was shipped and was not to return to my home for a week as my mother and father where in every respect under house arrest for that time

During this time all out relatives where arrested and questioned including my late brother in law Art Gibson who never in his life been spoken to by the RUC never mind being arrested as he was returning from the races in Dublin with my brother Billy who had just got out of interment  they where stopped at a RUC checkpoint in Banbridge  and taken into custody , Art could not get over what happened then as they removed his shoe laces and his belt  many a laugh was had by Art and Margaret at this story !!

It was only after John was released in 1964 that the full story about the escape finely came out and the details of how Danny got away from Belfast.

Danny had been moved to a safe house  from where he was again moved to a furniture removal companies yard where there was number of lorries parked and it would be at least a week before that yard was to open again but most important off all all the lorries had blankets and articles that would keep him warm on those cold nights and days, the likely hood of this yard being searched was very small as the person who owned the company  and the yard was a leading member of the unionist party and a MP in Stormont “the home of the unionist government”  named Morgan !!! there was always a weary smile on my mothers and fathers  face as the RUC came raiding our home after this event

In order to complete his escape out of Belfast and as every member of the RUC and the B’Specials where looking for him he was going to need a good disguise which would put him beyond suspicion so we got him a British red cross and civil defence uniform which saw him  make his way to the border and safety .

I paid a visit to Crumlin Road jail last year , and I picked up a book on the escapes from there but this escape was written out off this book as if  it never took place, during the conversion with one of the guides he informed me that they never knew when or how they got the files into A wing which enabled John and Danny  to saw the bars !! except to say that every Saturday we would send a mixed salad of fresh food to the prisoners on A wing

After John was found injured  in the front A wing yard  he was led to the basement of D wing which was the punishment block he was to remain there for the remainder of his sentence which was 4 years, locked up for 23 hrs per day but no matter how hard they tried to criminalise or abuse him John never broke or allowed them to and remained true to his republican values until the day he died

John  has passed on since September 2007 but his memory  and his legacy as a Irish republican of principle lives on

Rest in peace john



Our Health Services

Society – Health

This Government continues to recognise Health as a key priority, and will provide €13.1 billion for the delivery of Health services in 2015.

In 2015, over 2.1 million people – nearly half the population – will have a medical or GP visit card. This includes our extension of GP coverage to the Under 6s and the Over 70s.

We will provide additional staff so that patients can access mental health services such as psychologists and counsellors in the primary care setting.

I am providing an additional €25 million to deal with delayed discharges in hospitals.

I am allocating over €3 billion to support older people and disabled services in 2015, and €2.3 billion for prescription drugs.

I want to pay particular tribute to our hospital services and the people working in them. This Government prioritises these key services. I would remind this house that the number of people working in hospitals has remained at 2011 levels of over 48,000, despite increased demands on services.

The additional funding being provided today will ensure the continued provision of core services, and to enable delivery of Programme for Government commitments to further enhance the health and well-being of our population.

Further details will be provided by my colleague, the Minister for Health.

I have copied the above from the 2015 budget speech by Brendan Howlin and I have highlighted the part where he congratulates the nursing and medical staff on the front line!!

In view of this statement I would like to share my recent experience in Mayo General Hospital Castlebar County Mayo home town of Enda Kenny

I was admitted to this hospital on Sunday the 28 November with severe pain in my back and groin which turned out to be a pretty serious illness which required intensive treatment which left me hospitalised until the 8th of December.

During this time I was able to witness at first hand the pressures which our nurses and medical doctors along with the other front line staff are working under and I can tell you it was not pretty.

I would say that at least 75% off all patients who i came across in the A&E  where of an age in excess of 60 yrs which includes myself and most suffering from serious medical problems , when asked about this i was informed that the number of people being treated in the A&E HAS INCREASED BY AT LEAST 40% IN THE PAST 5 YEARS , and this is in spite of the charges and costs being imposed on people who use this service and the non increase in staff numbers on the front line

What this government are doing and it was confirmed on morning Ireland this morning the 16/12/2015 is running to stand still they have no plan  for our health care other than to turn every hospital and service into a profit centre ie we will allow you X but please don’t spend it all and come in under budget don’t worry about the trolleys, the nurses, the doctors ,the porters and all the other people on the front line just keep to the budgets and if possible come in under it , I might also point out that its my opinion that the I N O (The nurses union)  support this government and their Haddington road agreement and have supported the under payment to new graduated nurses who then have no choice but to leave  work in other countries rather than be disrespected by the HSE and and  I N O

On a personal note I would like to thank all of the medical staff and the porters /domestic staff in the medical assessment unit in Mayo general hospital for their care and support in what is a very difficult time for me and my family 557432_4310303324203_1811816865_n


  1. prince harry1

I know I know your asking what is this guy up to with this picture of Prince Harry on my blog  so here is  the story

MY wonderful wife gets these magazines and of course in the quite of my bedroom I like to flick through them and so I lifted up Hello(12 oct 2015) which had a article  on Prince Harry and his return from war and how he views his disabled comrades , as I read this article a paragraph jumps out at me :

And I quote ” I love spending time with these guys he added ” I like to think I know roughly what they are going through as well . ITS HARD TO SAY THAT BECAUSE EVERYONE IS UNIQUE, BUT BECAUSE I KNOWN MORE PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO SEE, HOW VALUABLE THEY ARE WITHIN SOCIETY.

These comments immediate raised my eyebrows as I realised how much our returned soldiers and prisoners have contributed to our society and the improvements to our society and our areas  men who know the pain of war,death and prisons , who have guided our young people from war to political activism,

 Which bring’s me to the real question if Prince Harry can see the benefits of his comrades to his society what is the problem with our comrades  being recognised by our society not only recognised but appreciated by all people for their efforts in protecting the peace process, a process that really does improve the lives of all the people of Ireland north and south.

Bear in mind they where trained soldiers who had a command structure a structure that co-ordinates the efforts of these men and women from where because of their suffering they get comfort and comradeship and help when required ,

Surely if its good enough for Prince Harry its good enough for us !!!!!

Small mindedness and failure go together ; Enda Kenny and the Web Summit 2015

Over the past week i have had to listen to several of our supposed unbiased commentators on RTE  and the written media slag off and abuse Paddy Cosgrove  the founder of the web summit which was held in the RDS Ballsbridge Dublin. 

Paddy had asked for some minor concessions for some of his hi-powered guests like Michael Dell along with many other big hitters in the  hi tec business who are in positions to make big big decisions on investments  for their companies and corporations along with  various government ministers from other European countries who would also be looking for products or other business opportunities for their countries

This summit is also a market place for our own indigenous hi tec people to show off their own inventions and to create a market place for their products and idea’s, it is also a chance to sell themselves to investors from across the world to get that all necessary funding  to build their products , for many an Irish entrepreneur a golden opportunity which only come’s a few time’s in their business life or life, 

This is their chance to progress, to build to create, the very kind of jobs we need to help our young graduates stay at home instead of having to go abroad to get a job this was /is their chance and it is all on their doorstep, what a chance what an opportunity, and all created by a young man of vision and skill, and what thanks did he get, what respect did he get, none he got abused from all and sundry just because he asked for a few things to be done by Enda Kenny,  who failed to step up to the mark, not only did he fail the summit he failed all those young hi tec engineers their opportunity to progress their ideas and business plans which may now be lost to Ireland  

I heard some of the remarks passed by ministers Burton / Noonan / Nash / Sean O’Rourke  and RTE  things like comparing the summit to a GAA match in Croke park or that it is/ was insignificant in the overall scheme of things .

What these people do and say is not only insulting to our young people who most likely have more self confidence and pride in their country than any of these buffoon’s and clowns will ever have , young people who are not out to rape our country , or have 600 million of debt written off but wish to stay and home and maybe create jobs and wealth for our nation and not slide off to Malta or other tax havens as our people sleep on the streets as the banks take their homes off them or failed politicians who over the past few years have raped  millions from this state and the example is that fg/ff/lab td have on average taken up to 500 thousand euro each in wages and expenses for being noddy dogs to Kenny, 




I WONT !!!!!!


kenny and burtonpaddy coisgrove web summit


Today I met with some young people here in Mayo and we discussed the current political situation here in Ireland and in particular the position of Sinn Fein and the IRA campaign in the north and were it now stands in regard to the involvement of IRA in the political process of 2015.

This form of questioning came about following all of the comments being made by various Irish anti Sinn Fein politicians here in the south plus of course the usual  suspects of the  British and the unionists helped along with a hostile media 

I tried to explain to them how the trouble in the north started plus the cause and effect of partition, and the various events that took place in the north from 1922 up to 1994  and how it was necessary for the nationalist/republican people who were when protesting  for basic civil rights were beaten and terrorised  off the streets had their homes burned to the ground were 3000 families had to seek shelter in the south, and as the southern government who promised much but delivered little by way of protection stood by as we were being murdered on the streets of Belfast there was no other alternative, we had to stand up to the unionist/ orange state hence the regeneration of the IRA and a war that was not of my generations making but a war that we had to fight for the prospects of a better future for our children and grandchildren and a better future for Ireland, to breakdown the divisions in our country between those who have and those who have little or nothing a country based on the 1916 proclamation of social and economic justice, but mind you in the north it was a battle for survival  and I am afraid for those on the ground a political settlement and a united Ireland was far from their minds !!!! while at the same time there were those in the republican movement who worked tirelessly to create a momentum for a political settlement  we all knew that this was never going to be achieved by war or a combination of war and peace but the first move was to achieve a peace deal in the north  and this was the very thing that the republican movement were working towards since 1974 and the efforts made by the late Harold Wilson and the IRA TO GET A SETTLEMENT which was undermined by the Labour /Fine Gael government  of that time who tumbled on in their belief that they could defeat the IRA reach and agreement with the British without the republican movement this strategy was also followed by Fianna Fail  A strategy which ultimately failed.

as all of this manoeuvring was continuing the war was still in full swing and people where dying but a very important event took place in 1981 with the election of Bobby Sands and the sacrifice of the hunger strikers a new dawn was on the horizon as Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness in 1985 took control of Sinn Fein and removed the old guard with a new vision and a new direction and as time progressed they were able to convince others of that vision including the leaders of the IRA but before that they had to convince the British and the Free State that they could deliver a proper peace deal . It was with the arrival of Albert Reynolds as leader of Fianna Fail that that prospect became live, with the downing street declaration of 1994, which was to become the foundation stone of the good friday agreement which has created the situation were the use of violence or the need for a IRA is no longer required as our political objectives can now with the help of the many 1000s of young educated people north and south who have joined the Sinn Fein party  and who have stood up for the good friday agreement and the peace process while others including our current government and Fianna Fail have used it as a political football for their own purposes as they continently attack Sinn Fein and our creditably for government, so I wonder why ? is it that they see how we stand up to the British austerity policies in the north ? is it that we are holding them to account and exposing with others the corruption and the side deals with banks and NAMA ? is it that we are asking the real questions re health/ education and social protection? is it that we want the big money guys to pay their share in taxes not more than they should pay but what they should pay ? that these big multi national corporations pay their full share if its 12.5% then they pay 12.5% not 5/6 % they currently pay, is it that we want to protect the natural resources of our country for our country and people and not big oil or gas companies, is it the 500,000 people who voted Sinn Fein in the local and European elections in 2014, is it that now a party who will hold them to account as they still try and do their dirty deals with their friends at the expense of the people (Dennis O’Brien is a case in point)with his 600 million euro debt write down !!!! 

Its been a hard and long journey for old time republicans like me who has been exposed to the armed struggle sine 1955 when only 7 yrs old that is 60 yrs,!! many times in the past 20yrs I have had to swallow hard at some of the decisions that were made by the leadership of the movement were they right were they wrong the answer to that question came in 2014 as I sat in front of this computer and watched the results come in from the elections  and I cried with joy as I watched what was being achieved, we had completed that journey from war to peace no more will our children die or go to jail for Ireland, but will work for that holy grail of a republic without the need of violence, and those of us who did witness the bloody streets and fields can rest in the knowledge that the future of our country is in the very safe hands of the upcoming generation and my work  now is to support their efforts  to ensure that the journey from war to peace is completed safely   

queen-shakes-hands-former-ira-commander-martin-mcguinness-bbc7226941676_5d13c7d57a_c terrified lady at doorqueen-shakes-hands-former-ira-commander-martin-mcguinness-bbc